Webinar Series: Iwinski Bray


Anionic PAM: Correct Usage and Application


Seva Iwinski Bray, Applied Polymer Systems


Anionic polyacrylamides (PAMs) are a safe and effective method for erosion and sediment control as well as stormwater management.

Using anionic PAM and PAM-based technologies in conjunction with traditional stormwater and erosion control BMPs can optimize their performance to meet discharge and turbidity goals. In turn, they greatly minimize the amount of sediment and other forms of turbidity leaving sites during and after land disturbing activities, as well as reduce turbidity and contaminant concentrations in receiving aquatic systems.

This presentation will cover three major approaches to using polymer enhanced best management practices:

  1. Prevent erosion and sedimentation by capturing or retaining the sediment before it can migrate off site
  2. Use polymer enhancement in conjunction with circulation/mixing systems, dewatering ditches, or other mixing devices to remove turbidity from contaminated waters
  3. Use polymer enhancement to remove unmanageable muck through de-mucking where sediment has been deposited or where sediment basin capacity is diminished

Anionic PAMs have proven highly effective in erosion control and water treatment applications. Using polymer enhancement in conjunction with other BMPs can result in a more than 95% reduction in total suspended solids (TSS) and turbidity (NTUs).

This presentation will detail and illustrate the most common and effective polymer enhanced best management practices that have been quantified and proven effective.


Learning Objectives

1. Understand why anionic polyacrylamides (PAMs) are a safe and effective method for erosion and sediment control.

2. Learn how anionic polymers are used to enhance best management practices.

3. Learn about the correct application and setup of polymer enhanced best management practices.


Seva Iwinski Bray

Seva Iwinski Bray is Vice President/Environmental Scientist with Applied Polymer Systems

Seva is highly involved in technical training to educate companies, agency personnel, and firms that anticipate using or are interested in furthering their knowledge on polymer enhanced best management practices.

Seva holds a BS in BioEnvironmental Science from Texas A&M University.