Webinar Series: Johnston Gingerich


Post Storm Monitoring: A Flood Risk Analysis Network (FRANk) Discussion


Matt Johnston and David Gingerich, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA)


Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) owns and maintains a vast network of more than 1,100 permanent erosion control structures throughout the ravines and shorelines of our jurisdiction. TRCA’s Engineering Projects group is responsible for monitoring the condition of these structures, along with more than 2,400 other erosion hazard sites that threaten property and infrastructure.

In order to deploy staff more efficiently and effectively, TRCA began developing its Flood Risk Analysis Network (FRANk) 2018, linking TRCA’s real-time stream and rain gauge network to inspection sites. A post storm analysis was performed for each event in 2018 that exceeded initial gauge thresholds, and staff were deployed to inspect priority sites in areas where the storm impacts were expected to be greatest.

Through continual calibration, analysis, and refinements FRANk is now connected to multiple partner agency real time data networks, with the potential for future connection to Gauge Adjusted Radar Rainfall (GARR) networks.

As part of modernizing TRCA’s erosion monitoring programs, we are also beginning to leverage the Remotely Piloted Aircraft System team (RPAS) to establish pre-programmed RPAS flights over high risk areas. These same paths can be flown post storm to better document the changes.

Performing more focused inspections, targeted on impacted reaches, in a repeatable and efficient manner, will ensure that the future of TRCA’s erosion monitoring program is filled with promise.


Learning Objectives

1. Learn about different types of monitoring for permanent erosion control infrastructure (scheduled versus post storm inspections) and erosion hazards.

2. Understand how TRCA’s Flood Risk Analysis Network (FRANk) was developed, and implemented, and is being continually improved to quantifiably help monitoring inspections become more efficient and effective in targeting areas most impacted by storm events.

3. Understand how TRCA plans to utilize the latest technology to continue improving our erosion monitoring through 2020 and beyond.


Matt Johnston

Matt Johnston is Senior Manager, Erosion Risk Management with Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA).

Matt and his team monitor the condition of TRCA’s erosion control structures and assess the risk of erosion hazards to property and infrastructure.

In addition, Matt’s team is responsible for the project management and delivery of remedial works to address new hazards or replace failing structures, working closely with other TRCA Restoration and Infrastructure staff.

David Gingerich

David Gingerich is an Environmental Technologist with the Erosion Studies and Analysis team at Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA).

David brings his water resources engineering experience and knowledge to the risk assessment of erosion control structures and erosion hazard sites. He strives to provide the Erosion Risk Management group with a distilled source of information to facilitate the effective management and implementation of erosion control projects.