2024 Track 1 Day 2: Eyquem


Nature-Based Solutions as “Second Nature”


Natural hazards arise along rivers and coasts where flooding and erosion present a potential danger to public safety and infrastructure. These are essentially natural processes that have been, and are being, modified by human activity, including the impacts of climate change, often alongside ecosystem degradation.

There is a global and national opportunity to “scale-up” approaches that work with nature to reduce climate impacts and natural hazards, including flood and erosion risk.

This opportunity is reflected in Target 11 of the Kunming-Montreal Global Framework Directive that calls for restoring, maintaining and enhancing nature’s contributions to people. However, nature-based approaches are not yet part of the routine flood and erosion risk management toolbox across Canada.

In this keynote presentation, Joanna Eyquem will explore the state of play in Canada, and in Ontario, regarding the use of nature-based solutions to manage flood and erosion risk, alongside efforts to better manage the role played by existing natural assets.


Joanna Eyquem

Joanna Eyquem, Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation, University of Waterloo

Joanna Eyquem PGeo. ENV SP. CWEM. CEnv. is Managing Director, Climate-Resilient Infrastructure, Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation, University of Waterloo.

Joanna is an internationally-recognised expert on climate adaptation,flood and erosion management, and nature-based solutions, with over 20 years experience in Canada, the UK, the USA, and Western Africa.

Her work at the Intact Centre focuses on practical measures to reduce flooding, erosion, and heat risk, in particular working with nature and the financial sector. She leads efforts to mainstream nature-based solutions, including natural asset management, for climate adaptation across Canada.

Prior to joining the Intact Centre, Joanna was the Global Technical Practice Lead for Climate Resilience at AECOM, building on previous consultancy roles at Royal Haskoning DHV and Jacobs Engineering in the UK.

Joanna is bilingual and regularly interviewed by anglophone and francophone media. She also serves on many advisory committees, including Canada’s National Adaptation Strategy Advisory Table on Resilient Natural and Built Infrastructure, CIWEM’s Climate Change Panel in the UK, and as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for the Natural Assets Initiative.