2024 Track 1 Day 2: Turbitt Yousaf


Underground Stormwater Management: Lessons Learned Through the Development of Policy, Procedure, Criteria and Standards for Non-Conventional Municipally Assumed Stormwater Management Facilities (NCSWMFs)


In response to increased industry pressure for approval of innovative stormwater solutions, the City of Vaughan began the development of a Policy, Procedure, Design Criteria and Standards (the Policy) to standardize the evaluation, acceptance, and installation of non-conventional SWMF’s, such as underground stormwater storage tanks for municipal assumption, as an alternate option to typical end-of-pipe ponds.

The Policy allows for the use of underground SWMF’s in Parks, which increases land utilization efficiency through dual-use park blocks.

The City reviewed and compared existing policies, procedures, and background documents from southern Ontario to their Interim Non-Conventional SWMF Policy, which was implemented in June 2022.

Existing technologies and proposed, approved, or built SWMF’s within Vaughan were also evaluated based on lifecycle considerations, operational needs, dual land uses, SWM criteria achievement, and economic, environmental, and social impacts.

The City engaged a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) including City Parks, Operations, Planning, Legal and Financial departments, and external stakeholders, including municipalities, conservation authorities and industry professionals.

The TAC reviewed constraints and criteria to create a policy that would facilitate innovative, effective, and maintainable SWMF’s. The Policy has been completed and will be brought before Vaughan City Council in early 2024.


Rebecca Turbitt

Rebecca Turbitt, Resilient Consulting Corporation

Rebecca Turbitt, P.Eng. is a Senior Project Engineer and Associate at Resilient Consulting with 10 years of experience in Stormwater Management and Water Resources Engineering.

Rebecca specializes in detailed water resources and stormwater management design, floodplain mapping, hydrologic and hydraulic modelling, erosion mitigation, and sediment control. She has successfully navigated the approvals process of a wide range of projects across the province including permits from local conservation authorities, municipalities, and the province (i.e. MECP, MTO, DFO).

Rebecca has experience in all levels of design including conceptual, preliminary, and detailed design for master servicing plans, sub-watershed studies and site plan applications.

With her time at Resilient, Rebecca has focused her career on Municipal Water Resources Engineering, including peer reviews, design and construction of municipal infrastructure, and development of policies, procedures, criteria, and standards for stormwater management solutions.

Rebecca is also qualified under Ministry of Transportation Ontario’s Registry, Appraisal and Qualification System (or RAQS) for Drainage and Hydrology engineering, and frequently completes hydrologic and hydraulic for highway drainage systems and crossings.

Saad Yousaf

Saad Yousaf, City of Vaughan

Saad Yousaf, MSc, P.Eng., PMP is an Engineer with 26 years of work experience in infrastructure planning and capital projects.

His experience includes development applications review, Municipal Class Environmental Assessments for projects including preliminary designs, functional servicing studies, Citywide Master Plans, inspection program developments, and ensuring effective and efficient delivery of required level of service to residents.