2023 Track 2 Day 1: Breede Brickman


50 Years in the Making – Rehabilitation of the Royal Oak Municipal Drain


The Royal Oak Municipal Drain 2016 was a project initiated under the Drainage Act to improve the state of an existing channel of over nine kilometers in length. With a watershed over 1,200 Hectares (over 3,050 acres), the project involved nearly 70 individual landowners and 12 roads.

Maintenance was last carried out nearly 48 years ago, resulting in the deterioration of the existing channel to a very poor state of repair which was experiencing severe levels of erosion throughout most of the channel’s length. Some portions of the Royal Oak Creek provide areas of excellent fish habitat including highly vegetated areas; pool-riffle sequences; natural nested channel cross sections.

With this in mind, a design was prepared to reconstruct segments of the channel to provide a long lasting and economical solution which protects or improves positive natural features, while providing landowners with a stable and resilient channel, resistant to severe levels of erosion.

he proposed work included nearly two kilometers of reconstruction with a nested channel cross section; approximately 5.5 kilometers of a conventional ditch cross section, the installation of eight farm crossings, and one road crossing, and the use of over 2,250 m2 of Flexamat at various locations for bank repair.


JJ Breede

J.J. Breede, Terrafix

With over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, J.J. Breede, P. Eng. has a multi-disciplinary background ranging from the precast concrete pipe industry to stormwater management & erosion/sediment control. His current responsibilities as Product Manager at Terrafix Geo include managing client relations both in public and private sectors, business development, providing technical expertise to consulting engineers and contractors.

Stephen Brickman

Stephen Brickman, Headway

Stephen is a Senior Executive with proven performance to deliver and implement projects under the Drainage Act. He understands the finer details of rural and urban watersheds and can accurately predict and describe their hydrology and hydraulic function. This aids in providing designs that harmonize agricultural development with sensitive environmental features.