2024 Track 1 Day 1: Tan


Sustainability in Green Infrastructure Maintenance


The City of Toronto’s Green Streets Operation & Maintenance program is in its third year operating year and currently manages of 25,000m2 of GI/LID. This presentation will provide a brief introduction of the City’s approach towards GI/LID maintenance, challenges, and lessons learned from the field, and emphasize the importance of “maintainable design”.


Jen-Sion Tan

Jen-Sion Tan, City of Toronto

Jen-Sion Tan is a Project Lead within City of Toronto Transportation Services, working to develop a robust and sustainable City of Toronto’s Green Streets Operations & Maintenance program.

Inspired by the term resilience, he hopes to incorporate its essence in all aspects of the program through meaningful partnerships with local organizations, financially sustainable operations, and a dedication to continuous improvement.

Having spent the last five years knee-deep in the City of Toronto’s Green Streets program, Jen-Sion Tan has spent much time and thought solving the puzzle of building a large Green Infrastructure program in Canada’s largest city. His most significant work includes the development of the GIS-based Green Streets co-benefit prioritization tool, operationalization of the Green Streets Capital Projects and the various work and assistance in building the Green Streets Asset Management Framework.

Jen-Sion also hold a Masters in Environmental Science from UofT Scarborough and a BSc (Hons) in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology from University of Toronto.