2024 Track 1 Day 2: Patel


Data Driven Stormwater Management for Climate Resilience


AI is being increasingly applied worldwide in flood forecasting and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Here are some examples of AI applications in these areas:

Flood Forecasting:

  • Netherlands – Digital Delta
  • China – Smart Flood Control
  • United States – IBM’s GRAF System

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation:

  • United Nations – AI for Climate
  • India – AI in Agriculture
  • Canada – AI for Carbon Capture, Global Climate Models

In the context of rapid climate change, data-driven stormwater management emerges as a critical imperative.

This presentation delves into the fusion of data analysis and climate adaptation. We explore the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning in enhancing environmental impact assessment, optimizing flood forecasting, and predicting the influence of climate change on stormwater systems.

AI and machine learning are pivotal in deciphering complex datasets, elucidating stormwater dynamics, and enabling informed decision-making. The focus extends to the improvement of flood forecasting precision through the application of AI algorithms. This innovation provides advanced early warning systems, which are instrumental in mitigating the consequences of extreme weather events.

Furthermore, these insights provide a comprehensive understanding of the ecological ramifications associated with stormwater management decisions, facilitating the preservation of aquatic ecosystems, water quality, and vegetative components.

The synergy between data-driven techniques and climate adaptation forms a robust approach to addressing the environmental challenges of our time.

This presentation underscores the vital role of data-driven stormwater management in managing climate-induced risks and fortifying sustainability. The combination of AI and climate adaptation strategies is a compelling avenue to navigate the evolving environmental landscape and ensure a resilient and sustainable future.


Abhijeet Patel

Abhijeet Patel, WSP

Abhijeet is a professional with a passion for water resources and environmental sustainability. He holds a master’s degree from Western University, where he specialized in Water Resources, and he’s been on a career journey ever since.

He started his career in 2016 with a company called Amec Foster Wheeler, which is known for its work in helping the environment. There, he learned a lot and gained valuable experience. Now, Abhijeet works at WSP where he is involved in a lot of projects that provides intelligence to high level decision making from water resources perspective.

His area of specialization includes surfical hydrology, river and stream hydraulics, stormwater management and LID-BMPs. Abhijeet is really passionate about data analytics and machine learning and how it can help us make good choices. He believes that harnessing the power of data and technology is integral to addressing the complex challenges posed by climate change and environmental sustainability.

In his free time, Abhijeet keeps up with the latest news about climate change and the environment. His approach to water management is all about being practical and forward-thinking.