2024 Track 2 Day 2: Pushkar Cummings Prince


Channel Design, Erosion Mitigation Measures and Implementation Approaches: Adaptive Management since the 1990s


Senior staff at Matrix Solutions have been working in the area of geomorphology, river engineering, restoration, and providing construction support since the late 1990s. Over the last 30 years, the planning, design, and implementation of channel design, erosion control measures, and aquatic habitat enhancements in Ontario has changed. This is an expected part of adaptive management; learning from doing.

Changes in the application of science and engineering, along with experience in designing and/or implementing channel realignments, erosion mitigation measures, incorporating aquatic habitat enhancement measures and extensive post-construction performance monitoring, reflects how our understanding or recognition of factors leading to the success of these works has evolved. This includes considerations relating to setting such as geology (e.g., alluvial vs semi-alluvial vs bedrock), groundwater, season of construction.

This presentation will show “then” and “now” examples of constructed channels and features spanning our careers. Discussion will focus on changes that we have made to design/construction methods, awareness that we gained through the projects and subsequently applied, how the channel has naturalized, what were good ideas and worked … and some that weren’t.

We will also provide examples of challenges that occur with site constraints and both how, and how not, to address these challenges through design.


Mariette Pushkar

Mariëtte Pushkar, Matrix Solutions​

Mariëtte Pushkar has over 25 years of consulting experience in applying the science and practice of fluvial geomorphology to projects ranging from subwatershed characterization and planning level scopes to, inventories, environmental assessments, and site-specific investigations. Mariëtte manages and actively participates in all studies, natural channel /erosion control design, and provides technical construction support.

Chris Cummings

Chris Cummings, Matrix Solutions​

Chris Cummings is a Senior Restoration Specialist with over 25 years of consulting experience, with focus on Fluvial Geomorphology. Chris has been involved in Natural Channel Design, design implementation, Erosion and Sediment Control and aquatic habitat creation and enhancement over most of his career.

Through significant constriction oversight support as well as numerous post-construction monitoring studies of various channel and habitat designs, Chris has been afforded to opportunity to gain direct and real-time experience understanding the underlying factors that contribute to successes and failures in channel restoration projects.

Jeff Prince

Jeff Prince, Matrix Solutions​

Jeff is a civil/water resources engineer with 23 years of consulting and municipal experience that has focused on stormwater management, urban channel design, and construction implementation. His background in biology and practical experience overseeing project implementation promotes successful design, and outcomes, for natural and built infrastructure projects.