Track 1 Day 1: Rivard


Urban Hydrology Guidelines for Montréal: Background and Challenges

Wednesday March 25, 2020
11:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (Hall A)


Gilles Rivard, Lasalle/NHC


In order to define a global framework for its planning activities, the Division of Master Planning for sewer networks for the City of Montreal concluded that there was a need to develop specific technical guidelines for urban hydrologic studies.

The document will be viewed as a complement to the provincial guidelines for stormwater management, to ensure that the objectives of the master plans for the entire territory will be well communicated to all other divisions within the City, and that the resulting actions will produce a coherent program so that the objectives will be met.

Building upon a comprehensive review of relevant, existing guidelines and approaches at the national and international levels for cities with a similar context, the guidelines should facilitate the activities for planning, design, construction, and follow-up for maintenance and monitoring.

This presentation will include a description of the needs and issues associated with this type of documentation, including identification of appropriate design criteria, approaches for overflow controls for combined and sanitary sewer networks, green infrastructure opportunities, challenges for densely urbanized areas, an optimal level of standards, and institutional aspects for implementation within the City.

On a more technical level, the methodology to derive design storms to reduce runoff volume with at-source controls will be described in more detail.


Learning Objectives

1. Identify technical and institutional issues with the planning, development and implementation of specific guidelines for stormwater management.

2. Learn about concepts, design criteria and design storms for runoff volume control, as opposed to only discharge control.

3. Recognize and address the challenges associated with retrofit and selection of optimal plans for existing areas.



Gilles Rivard

Gilles Rivard

Gilles Rivard is Vice-President, Urban Hydrology, with Lasalle/NHC

Gilles has more than 36 years of experience in civil engineering in the fields of hydrological studies, urban networks, and water resources.

For the last 25 years, he has specialized in stormwater management. Gilles has written a book for stormwater management concepts, and is the author of the Quebec provincial guide on stormwater management.