2024 Track 2 Day 1: Janes


Innovations in Circular Economy for Stream Restoration and Navigational Sediment Dredging Projects


Dredging and excavation stands as a crucial method in maintaining waterways and navigational depths in streams, creeks, and harbours. However, a significant challenge lies in the management of excavated sediments, often treated as waste destined for landfill. Conventional approaches like landfilling have typically led to linear sediment management, proving to be economically and environmentally taxing and unsustainable.

The drive towards a circular economy in the dredged sediment and shoreline sector has seen the development of risk-based tools and technological innovations, aimed at facilitating material reuse. Reusing this sediment in civil constructions such as shorelines, dikes or reefs is proposed as an alternative.

By connecting the dredging and building chains, a resource-efficient circular sediment management system can be created.

There is a growing demand for more efficient and sustainable sediment and shoreline soil management strategies. Researching the composition of sediment and shoreline soil and enhancing it to become a valuable building material can enable applications in construction and water management, consequently reducing the reliance on raw materials and minimizing sediment disposal in landfills.

This presentation will provide an overview of risk-based strategies for local sediment reuse and emerging circular trends in shoreline and dredged sediment management used throughout Europe, as well as the pathway to application in Canada.


Meggen Janes

Meggen Janes, Geosyntec

Meggen is a Principal in Geosyntec with over 25 years of experience in environmental consulting. Meggen is also the Executive Director of the Canadian Brownfield Network, an organization that seeks to encourage the revitalization of brownfield lands.

Meggen develops excess soil planning documents, soil management plans, and specifications for soil and sediment reuse, implemented in various infrastructure and remediation projects. Meggen has completed feasibility studies, design and operational oversight for soil reuse and soil management sites and has overseen programs with a cumulative total of 2M m3 of excavated soil.

As a Professional Engineer in Ontario since 1997, Meggen is a Director on the Board of the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers.